Copertina: Solvency II: A Dynamic Challenge for the Insurance Market-

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  • Andenas M.
  • Avesani R. G.
  • Manes P.
  • Vella F.
  • Wood P. R.
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Solvency II: A Dynamic Challenge for the Insurance Market

  • 2017
  • Mulino
Isbn edizione digitale: 9788815332462
Isbn edizione a stampa: 9788815265784


The book explains how Solvency II, the new prudential regulatory and supervisory framework for insurance, introduced advanced solvency requirements for insurers based on a comprehensive risk assessment, and how it came into effect. As a versatile tool, the book enriches debate between supervisory authorities, industries, policymakers, and academics. The perspective taken considers Solvency II as a point of departure from which to further develop the financial sector regulation. Therefore, the book aims to be not only an operational textbook for the implementation of the current regulation, but also a critical reflection on the legal framework. It makes an important contribution in the field of regulation of the insurance and financial industries.

Table of contents

Foreword, by Ph.R. Wood. - Acknowledgements. - Introduction. Solvency II: Reasons behind a Handbook, by F. Vella. - Unconventional Afterthoughts on Solvency II, by M. Andenas. - Part I. Solvency II: History, Legal Framework, Regulatory Issues and Perspectives. - I. From Solvency to Omnibus. Historical Origins and Normative Evolution, by A.V. Guccione. - II. Financial Conglomerates: Definition and Supervision, by G. Giordano. - III. Objectives and Evolution of the New Supervisory Regime, by R.G. Avesani. - IV. Corporate Governance, the Approach to Risk and the Insurance Industry under Solvency II, by P. Manes. - V. Solvency II and Sovereign Bonds, by A. Iversen. - VI. The Distribution of Insurance Products in the EU Regulation, by M. Ragno. - VII. Financial Supervision and New Transparency Obligations for Insurers: Introduction to Pillar III, by A. Rossi. - Part II. Implementing Practices and Case Studies. - Introduction to Part II, by R.G. Avesani. - Main Contents/Structure of Part II, by R.G. Avesani. - VIII. Pillar I: Risk Quantification, by R.G. Avesani, G.L. De Marchi, E. Zingaretti and A. Amadei. - IX. Pillar II: Risk Governance, by R.G. Avesani, V. Corsano, E. Zingaretti and A. Amadei. - X. Pillar III: Risk Transparency, by R.G. Avesani, V. Corsano, E. Zingaretti and A. Amadei. - XI. Case Studies, by R.G. Avesani, G.L. De Marchi, E. Zingaretti and A. Amadei. - Glossary. - Detailed Table of Contents.


Mads Andenas, Professor, University of Oslo, Norway and Centre for Corporate and Financial Law, IALS, University of London, UK; MA, DPhil (Oxford, UK), PhD (Cambridge, UK). Renzo G. Avesani, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Unipol Gruppo Finanziario, Bologna, Italy; Senior Economist in the Financial Supervision and Regulation Division, IMF (2003-2006); former Professor of Macroeconomics and Finance, University of Brescia, Italy. Paola Manes, Professor of Private Law, University of Bologna, Italy. Francesco Vella, Professor of Business Law, University of Bologna, Italy. Philip R. Wood, CBE, QC (Hon); Head, Allen & Overy Global Law Intelligence Unit; Special Global Counsel; Visiting Professor in International Financial Law, University of Oxford, UK; Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow, University of Cambridge, UK; Visiting Professor, Queen Mary University, London, UK.

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